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Ed Bradley… 1941 – 2006… a man, a life… an example for us all

November 9th, 2006
Ed Bradley

Today I heard the sad news that Ed Bradley had passed away. I never personally had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Bradley, but he influenced me more than he could have ever known. To me Mr. Bradley wasn’t just the consummate journalist; he was a beacon of style, professionalism, determination, independence, charisma and individuality.

I recall the day that I first became aware of his wearing an earring, I thought “man that took a lot of nerve. Having always been somewhat of a rebel myself, I was thrilled that he was (as I saw it) bucking the system. To me it was so cool that this black man had the testicle fortitude to be true to his, to wear what he found stylish, to do what he felt was acceptable regardless of what anyone else thought. I honestly don’t know what his opinion was regarding wearing the earring, but to me it appeared that he refused to allow anyone else to define him, that made me proud, made me know that if you had your act together nobody could tell you what you could or couldn’t do, I loved it!