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Reformation for Prisons and Juvenile Detention

January 28th, 2007

The topic of prison/corrections in America is a sensitive subject. Perhaps this is the case because the questions and answers (or lack thereof) are so uncomfortable for most Americans to ponder. Juvenile detention/corrections is another sore spot, again this topic is one that most Americans shy away from because it is a very difficult subject to deal with.

The philosophical divide where prison/detention/corrections ideologies and methodologies are concerned seems to be Draconian based versus a quasi idiom steeped in what many might consider extreme munificence. Is the current prison/correctional/detention system in the United States Draconian? Is there a need for reform in the modern system? Those professionals working in the field of corrections will likely challenge and denounce any analysis calling for reformation. It is also likely, that most, if not all corrections/detention practitioners will deny that the current system is Draconian.