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Oprah a Queen

February 28th, 2007

There has been a great deal of discussion, discourse about the tremendous creation of her leadership academy in South Africa.  Let it be known, this is an accomplishment that wealthy folks should take note.  Perhaps, because Queen Oprah is from humble beginnings she understands much more than those born with silver spoons.  No doubt, her gifts are many, her blessings more…In an age of self-centered, narcisstic, self-absorbed celebrities, we all need to stop. 

Think about what a powerful demonstration this woman has made.  An African-American woman, a role model, this is much more than charity, this is love, love reflected in love.  Did you not see the spirit of those young girls?  What a loving sense of humanity, sisterhood, brotherhood…a mother?  Yes, everyone needs to really take stock, she put her money, soul, heart into this creation.  To all the nay sayers, haters and sidewalk advisors, leave her alone!  How can anyone say anything about this Queen?  Anyone taking their own resources, reaching out to these lovely children, comforting, loving them is a Queen.  In a world of greed, selfishness, how can anyone protest someone willing to love, make life better for their fellow human being?

Queen, yes, she is a Queen, Queen Oprah, rule on, love on, Queen Mother Oprah…it’s a song, a song of love, peace and happiness