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“Let Nobody Turn Me Around”

February 13th, 2007

On Friday February 9th I had the pleasure of attending a musical production sponsored by the Detroit Lutheran Children’s Service organization. I was invited to see “Let Nobody Turn Me ‘Round”, and so, I attended. I was totally unprepared to be so entertained and to enjoy such a wonderful occasion. This was a superb musical. Young folks dancing, singing, acting and performing… absolutely remarkable! This was Detroit at its best, with Detroit youth representing, demonstrating and reflecting fine art. This musical was universal, hopeful and inspiring, with a message that penetrates today’s all too common belief of hopelessness. All Detroiters should witness this performance, and when I say this I don’t mean just those people that literally live within the confines of the city limits. I mean all Detroiters, which includes everyone in the region; all of the ex-urbanites, all the suburbanites that too often forget what once made Detroit great… this show is a reminder. In my humble opinion, this musical should be a year round event… young people representing… great voices, great dance, great talent… great message… bravo!