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Girl Violence

August 31st, 2008

The subject of female violence is becoming more noticeable to the public. Reports of young women participating in fight clubs has recently been featured in news stories. There have been differences of opinion from the academy with some researchers dismissing the reports as sensational media. Our field research over the past three decades has found evidence to support the suggestion of females having a part in the more visible combat of young girls and women.

In the earlier reports we found girls were not only capable of participating not as victims, but as actors. Now, there seems to be some reports about female gang activity. Fact, our research which covers three decades has known that gender is apart of the picture in America life. We are especially aware of young girls needs, as well as, women in urban America. Some feel that at-risk youth means poor folks, and this is hardly true. All of our youth are at risk. The violence, illicit narcotics, and distressed family structures demand that young girls, as well as, women are at-risk. We also see that middle class youth are at-risk; their exposure to the ills of society is not simply a six o’clock news flash. Gangs, drugs, unprotected sexual encounters are not limited to one group. Young females like their male counterparts are in need of attention from adult role models and parents in constructing positive activities. No surprise about females in challenges of violence, only surprised that society is lagging in understanding the challenges of young people in the world today.