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Great Leader

September 16th, 2008
The passing of Iman W.D. Mohammad marks the transition of a great and humble man. Equally important is the legacy of truth that Iman Mohammad established transforming the Nation of Islam into a well-respected world movement of peace and understanding of Islam. The respected, many times misunderstood organization of his father’s Nation of Islam still exists today. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, founder of the Nation of Islam brought many African-American families into an understanding of socio-economic independence. Mohammad continued his father’s movement within a higher ground. While, we are bombarded by negative images of fallen politicians, celebrities, and professional athletes of color, Iman Mohammad represented an intelligent African-American of great wisdom and understanding.

This leader gave us an intelligent and enlightened direction for healing our differences. Mohammad leaves us with great substance, leadership, and humanity. This was a man who led by action, showing in this time of polarization, religious conflict, and global divide a sense of true brotherhood. Certainly he will be missed by his followers, family, and friends. Iman Mohammad, stating in his own words that all of the world should be more Christlike, still inspires a transformation of humanity that is about inclusion and respect.

His willingness to reach out to other religions is the leadership that heals. While many are critical, speaking in coded language to divide. Warith Deen Mohammad made us look at ourselves despite our religious and philosophical differences. I met the Iman once at Michigan State University, indeed, a warm human being that inspired me with his humility. A leader whose silence and presence left me with an inspiration that demanded a higher level of peace, and true charity. Let us all continue his work to make earth a peaceful planet. Iman Warith Deen Mohammad marked a revolution in this nation, ushering in a new understanding of global citizenship. We all are better off because of his vision, action, and love.