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Overkill of a Fallen Man

October 31st, 2008

The media should re-examine its overzealous reporting of the former mayor of Detroit. Showing his future jail living quarters is excessive, no need to go there. This man is paying for his transgressions; the constant eye on his demise is overkill. Why is the former mayor’s jail cell being shown to the public? Why are there a few psychologist giving an analysis calling both Kilpatrick and Monica Conyers names? Two or three professionals via the media are giving personality diagnoses of both Kwame Kilpatrick and Monica Conyers in some sort of pin the donkey analysis? This is sensational journalism, connected to unprofessional psychological assessments. The saga of Kwame Kilpatrick has been a public nightmare, no doubt. There is no need to add fuel to the fire. Like the trial of O.J. Simpson, the intent, hatred, and overall discontent of these black men polarizes the public.

There are serious challenges for our nation, state, and cities. The voyeurism of watching a man in his painful demise is akin to kicking him while he is down. Calling Mr. Kilpatrick names such as narcissistic by professionals is not only poor judgment, but unfounded. Detroit is struggling with its image, everyone knows that and showing off the former mayor’s predicament, gloating over his demise is not going to move Detroit or its citizen’s forward. There are times when excellence in journalism will win awards. Solid journalism supports the public, leading the cheers in a public officials decline is close to personalizing misery without good cause.

Youth culture sits on the sideline, watching our methods of operation. Taking a higher road, higher ground, and uncovering the ugliness is important when it serves a good reason. Beyond that is an abuse of power, one that the public cannot and should not afford.