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Growing Up Urban

August 15th, 2009

Taken from pg. 175 of the book “Growing Up Urban” 

Positive Urban Youth Development (PUYD)

It is recognized that there are a host of very valuable, well respected and well established doctrines and schools of thought regarding positive youth development. While many of the concepts and theorems are applicable to urban youth and the challenges they face, until recently there has been no one approach designed specifically to address the needs of the urban community and its children and youth. In light of this fact a new approach is being constructed that takes into consideration the factors and variables that are specific to the urban ecology and its diverse nature.


A primary goal of Positive Urban Youth Development (PUYD) is exposure. The primary method for achieving this goal is through the use of experiential learning situations. The secondary method for achieving this goal is through adult engagement of and interaction with community children and youth.


For the child or young person growing up in disenfranchised communities it is critical that they are motivated to achieve and succeed socially, educationally and/or vocationally.

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