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The Nonsense of the Knockout Fad

November 28th, 2013

The latest street fad of some youth in urban communities is simply nonsense. This fade is dangerous and needs immediate outcry.  The young person involved in these criminal acts need our alarm; outrage supported by families, church, schools, and street culture.  It is no game; assault by teens is a quick way to the oppressive prison system.  It is wrong and physically damaging to its victims.  Why can’t we say to these youth people in an immediate moment that this is useless?  We must continue not to encourage or enable such behavior.  Bring in the mental health profession.  Social networking would be great in addition to community policing, social workers, youth workers, and government local and national.  Going on the media networks announcing this nonsense is costly.

There is nothing remotely prankish, funny or childish about attacking anyone for sport.  This act fulfills the image of an out of control race of people.  Debate?  We can debate all day.  It is a dangerous act that allows authority to take action as they should.  In a sweeping second, a young teen can put themselves in serious trouble.  In a moment of nonsense a person can be hurt, even fatally.  For what?  This is something that adults can prevent by monitoring our communities.  Let us bring in other young people to explain, rationally what these knockout acts can do.  Our communities and families can not expect government to act.  When law enforcement officials get involve it means it is serious and did not have to become serious.  Serious self control, self policing, and self awareness should dictate the day.  Lastly, the fact many youngsters are not in school, have no jobs, there are fewer recreational facilities does add to the boredom.  Boredom?  Yes, too many youth are idle, restless, and need something constructive to place their energy.  This alone is not an excuse for such behavior as the knockout fad.

Urban youth especially can not risk this fad.  Private security, an armed public, racial tension, perverse poverty, dysfunctional families, and failing school systems have allowed youth to become a menace.  This society does not respond with consideration, cognitive reasoning, and patience first.  It reacts with swift, brutal action against a demanding agenda that casts certain people as a problem.  This is a problem we must demand cease and desist for our own good.