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Social Change: The Kidnapping of a Pet Oriented Society

March 20th, 2014

In many communities today dog fights are taking place.  It is an ugly fact that fighing animals has become a recreational sport for some.  There is a cultural debate globally of what is considered sport vs cultural entitlement, legacy.  This essay focuses on the growing dog fight business that is illegal in America.  In urban centers, especially those in impoverished sections, dog fights are considered sport by those in the illicit network of the third city.  Social structures that are reshaping themselves in the course of urban migrations, gentrification, and abandonement produce an odd opportunity for outaws.  An outlaw culture creates spectator sports that traditional mainstream America has little if any idea, information.  Illicit commerce has made dog fights part of the illegal gambling game.  Dog fights like cock fights are not new.  Dog fighting began in Europe and other international communities that have entertained themselves with combat of animals.  Today, illegal sports, entertainment comes in street car racing, bareknuckle fights, betting on both professional, including local sport teams.  Then there is pornography, including the deadly snuff movies.  When society has class division, those who perceived themselves left out for social or economic reasons create their own sport, entertainment.  That is what the Third City means in its overall existence.  Can’t afford the hockey games, traditonal movies or society’s perks of high class?  Then try this on for size, how about any of these illicit recreational sports?  This essay is about dog fighting in America.   What is taking place for example in urban cities like Flint and Detroit Michigan is a growing population of poor people.  Detroit is the poorest big city in America.  The impact of the post industrial Detroit has been nothing less than devastating.  In the census for 2012, of one million citizens, Detroit had 353,000 residents with employment.  Needless to say, including a retired segment along with a disabled segment that leaves unemployment that is extremely high.  Poverty plays a major role in its existence that defines surviving vs living factors.  The poor, some, not all feel they are entitlted to the exact same perks, favors that middle class or higher experience.  That is the nucleus, perception that those who produce illicit entertainment commerce employ in their schemes to lure many into another world of entertainment, sports.  Valid, or merely convient rational?

American society wrestles with the pressing issues of joblessness, homelessness, public health strain, rising crime, domestic violence as producing some of the greatest challenges since the Great Depression.  One of the sidebars in our research has been the creation of a more menacing guise of street sports.  Dog figthing is entertainment, it is a sport that moves about in a shadow like atmosphere.  It has patrons of an integrated mixture of generations with a disturbing amount of youth, especially young boys, males.  The macho image of tough youth with their tough, vicious dogs reverberates in public images, hip hop imagery of gangsters, outlaws and celebrity.  Sadly, some professional athletes, celebrity heroes from various genres have made fierce animals into trophies of fame.  The new image of success is dangerous dogs involved in brutal training guise as sport, entertainment for spectators in distressed social conditions.  The cost of major sports like professional football, hockey, basketball, and baseball are out of reach for the poor.  A secretive location, a sense of outlaw sport makes dog figthing the sport of the poor.  While some will consider this fact inexcusable, fact remains that sports such as professional baseball are no longer inclusive of the common person.  This is a reality of urban life for the poor, not to mention for rural, and suburban communities.  Exurban communities are guarded, opposed to such brutality.  However, some from prosperous communities across the class divide are participants, spectators in dog fighting.

In a blue collar city such as both Flint and Detroit it was not unusual to have had working class families with dogs as pets.  The pets in American families are considered part of the family.  Today, we find pets becoming lesser for some youth, yielding to mercenary duty for their owners.  Now, some families, owners of domestic dogs must protect their pets from being possibly kidnapped by dog fighters for bait, combat training.  This is another reason that an aggressive campaign against dog fighting makes sense.  Dogs in general are at high risk as strays, pets or property of dog fighting owners. 

This essay advocates a radical call for boycotting animal fights.  We want to make those who own, participate social pariahs.  Dog fighting is not a sport, it is violence forced upon animals for profit, commerce.  Some breeds like the Pit Bull has been demonized and abused for the greed, inhumane pleasure of individuals, collective bodies including well organized criminal groups.  The excuse, entitlement of illicit players should be dealt with by authorities.  The more illegal dog fighting is allowed the innocent domestic animal population suffers.  The weapons against dog fighting begins with animal education.  There is a great benefit of communities having animal education with children learning early that animal abuse is taboo.  There is much to do for our communities regardless of class, status about dog fighting.  Critics have scolded me about animals are not worthy of saving.  It cost too much and quickly defend the lack of attention to this matter with budgetary restrictions for many already challenged communities.  I understand tis, we do what we value in this society.  Do we value animals, pets, communities of progress that are violent free?  Social conditions are easy prey since today many efforts to combat animal abuse is reduced with budget reductions.  Private and public entities should support the serious growth of animal abuse.  Professional sports, celebrities, civic groups, block clubs, faith-based institutions, schools, community colleges, youth development groups and media organizations can lend their services to educate, support anti-animal cruelty.  This is a societal issue, not a police issue.  Citizens must include those denizens from dog fighting with more than a moral sermon.  Social conditions must change for the better that allow the common person to participate in public events like sports without the high cost of big money.  Dog fighting, like gang banging is linked to youth employment, recreational centers, good schools and other opportunities that seem to be evaporating in many communities today.  There is a need for public safety, strong neighborhoods, and happy children with pets.  Senior citizens with pets represent a peaceful existence after they have worked and retired.  Dog fights, like street violence is connected domestic violence, poverty, mental health and poor education.  This is something that all Americans can help rescue.  Pets, animal education are part of our society, families, and youth.  Americ once had affortable life experiences for the everyday person.  Baseball games with reasonable refreshments and resonable prices for admission.  Poor folks have been priced out of many avenues of what was once American life.  I understand economics, free markets and I also understand that we all would benefit by re-examining our standing as citizens with a consideration, charity for those who are living what is a parallel existence that itself is not humane.  Pets become an unknown subject when humanity is forgotten or lost.