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The Perfect Criminal Justice System

November 11th, 2014

In the Daily Kos it recently stated that the U.S. has 5% of the world’s population.  The U.S. jails 25% of the world’s prison population.  1 in 99 adults live behind bars-in the U.S.  The highest rate in American history.  It seems somewhat odd that the world’s leading democracy has such a record number of its citizens locked up?  An closer examination which should be of great concern to Americans makes this picture more disturbing.  An extremely high number of blacks are disproportionately in prison.  America has far too many prisoners that are costing a great deal of money.  Only a few in the privatization indusrty gain from this injustice of public service.  There are many reasons, factors that contribute to this dilemma.  I have found this issue troubling and growing.  Politicians are not trying to re-tool these correctional institutions for the public safety nor welfare.  The American public seems to be somewhat numb as to why this phenomena exists.  Many are glad that these dangerous criminals are locked away.  Who likes crime anyway? Indeed, address those who are a danger to society.  The state of prisons, prisoners and all things penal related needs a stern reformation that should improve our nation.  We are creating our own negative forces for the future.  Reduction, redefine our target of real crime.

Running prisons are expensive, costly and getting more demanding.  Many citizens are leaning towards less tax dollars for prisons.  Some states are spending more money on prisons than other public service.  In Michigan the female inmate population is growing at this time faster than the male population.  There is great concern about the future of prisons as related to fiscal cost for strained government budgets.  Social justice is not the primary concern of many prisons.  That is not their task at hand.  Incarceration, holding them for public safety is the job for prisons.  Every aspect of the criminal justice system has its role, position to make this system work.  The police are the enforcement dimension, the court and prosecution must find solutions to those who transgress and break the laws of society; the judicial system must hold court on charges and resolve the charges as either guilty or innocent.  Probation agents must shadow those ex offenders to determine the fate of these men and women who are on probation, parole.  Today, in the early 21st Century, America must begin to change this criminal justice system.  How?  Why?  Because we have far to many citizens locked up.  Non violent transgressors can be corrected within a new paradigm.  For the lack of a better term we will cast this new view simply as the Civility, Family, Education, Training, Employment Model (CFETE Model)  This model is designed primarily as a prevention model.  Our hope is to prevent crime, mental health issues, violence, illicit narcotic addiction,  and other negative assets that contribute to cultivating criminal behavior, thinking.

Social scientist along with educators, public health, mental health professionals can devise tools, operations that address the many obstacles, complications with families prior to the path of crime, violence, poverty and inferior education.  Technology gives American society new allies to combat crime.  New technology can support prison reform.  A perfect criminal justice system must find positive means for an infusion that can help create a more social justice environment instead of bad lands, outlaw societies.  Our enemy state that breeds underground, underworld networks that feed off the mainstream society is due to the resistance, refusal of those in power to look beyond free markets for what is otherwise opportunity for developmental change.  The ugliness, waste of good resources, manpower in prisons is destroying American tradition, culture.  Prisons are simply allowing at high cost many people who should be treated by ohter entities like public health, mental health and education-training.  It should underlined that three quarters of those individuals will return to the public society.  With no future, no job, poorly educated they will make litte if any contribution for a better society.  The Perfext Criminal Justice System?  Redefined institution that includes the new toosl from different disciplines ushering in new technology.  A systemic make over no different from the auto industry transformation from an industrial model to the new more efficient information technology in re-creating civility, families, education-training and finally employment.  The Perfect Criminal Justice System is a social justice system that is designed to prevent crime not make profit off the harvest of criminality.  American society pays one way or the other.  Our world leadership can show others that our means justify an approach that makes humanity an asset not a debt.