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We Do Not Have The Luxury For Delay, Mistakes or Hubris

May 18th, 2015

The challenge of these times have place our society in a capsule of social action.  It is underscored with the violence that is happening in both micro and macro society.  The slaughter of citizens is captured in the twisted media entertainment network industry.  We as a society have become both mesmerized and confused from reality entertainment, and reality life.  The normalization of ignorance and violence has given way to a generation of youth who are entertained by video mayhem.  Yet, our older generations has locked in private the thirst for pornography that includes a theater of brutality, misogynistic abuse hiding as it makes serious profit.  The bottom line is our racial, class, gender and sexuality is polarized, intermixed and confused to see the damaged done over the past half century.  The technology has taken lead and allowed an omnipresence that is something  like the Wizard of Oz before Toto pulls back the curtain to find a little stout man using the latest technology to increase the maximize profit in the great capitalism death march.

Racial boogey men is in full press with the likes of Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland showcase for the media portrayal of the invading alien urban species.  The burning down of CVS is highlighted by Sunday morning talking  heads with the mayors of urban centers defending and defining non violent protest from the rage of violent destructive thugs.  Repeated historical memory falls far from the fires in the 60s of Watts, Detroit and other dominant communities of color.  In Detroit in 1967 the Model City that LBJ loved became the new dimension of militarized policing with tanks, helicopters, National Guards, State Police, and finally President Johnson brought in the seasoned seriously 82nd Airborne infantry to quell the invisible never caught snipers.  That burn baby burn wiped out the powerful black middle class, lead by the white middle class fleeing the city.  Despite the political promises of rebuilding almost fifty years later Detroit remains the dead body in many neighborhoods.  The story of rebirthed of Detroit are true if you look to the downsize downtown region.  Theater, cultural center, reconstructive new state park, emerging real estate within Midtown with a flourishing Whole Foods store, Detroit Medical Center, professional sports of  hockey, baseball, and football.  Detroit is looking great and deserves the applause.

The downsize from lots of barren land, abandoned buildings, is noticeable still.  The gated communities are around and a smaller police force is supplemented by a vigorous private security turbo charged technology that George Orweil announced in his iconic book 1984.  We have found the opposing us vs. them in full swing.  The Have’s vs Have Not’s is well rooted in urban America.  The Have’s are not emphatic towards the poor.  The poor have some who are tired of being poor.  They have their own rules, their own sense of denizens entitlement.  The luxury of delay allows rising tempers.  The coded language is here from the defense of family, individual freedom has expressed the right to protect, be ready for something invading, or running amok.  The rhetorical revolutionary cry is old, distorted, and ineffectively making any positive gains.  Non violent protest needs more like crucial boycotts that individuals and collective bodies of many can not find for any true length of time to be noticeable?  The tribal divide among political, racial, gender and religion has not worked towards any positive change?  The hubris from young men being killed for their inability to accept second class treatment is not a good charge?  Truth, today the leadership of different factions is into the me mindset opposed to the us model.  Step back and look at our society with a wide lens.  Then look into a picture in the picture.