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Read Between the Lines and Seeing in the Dark

July 4th, 2015

The City of Detroit is wrestling with the onslaught of violence and crime in 2015.  The reports are confusing and every imaginable excuse is offered to the public.  Why is violence rising?  No, statistical findings compare to last year are worst but actually it is better claims some in law enforcement.  Like the Temptations, Ball of Confusion song says “Vote for me  and I’ll set you free” echoes from the powers to be.  Fact, crime is still big in the city and continues to haunt citizens daily.  Political chess has been played by different forces over the past decades.  A police department with failing morale, reduced pay is hardly ready to meet the challenges of violence, crime and discontent.  Downtown Detroit is doing well.  Belle Isle is respectable, civil and growing as an urban recreational park.  The city fathers have not connected to the larger challenge or have they?  Perhaps this is the answer to ignore, refuse to assist the uneducated, unemployed, and unwanted denizens of the Third City.  The politics, policies of those who feel that money, fiscal budgets, new entrepreneurship is the path for a reconstructed city.  The business side of this recovery is a reality.  Makes sense, the brainpower that transformed Ford Motors during the economic crisis is impressive.  The challenges have always been more complicated than what the public and many stakeholders understand.  The comeback of the city even if you are sure this model of a smaller, leaner city works can not really comprehend the role of the disposal population.  i talk, observe people, human beings, some good, some just existing and others barely surviving in my sociological examination.  Then, there is the darken city.  That is the one that has evolved over the past century and into this new century.  Urban cities share the pressures, dwindling budgets, increasing needs for unemployed workers and the fallen public education systems.  Detroit has been the first big city to bankrupt and remain functional it appears.  The sensitive subject of this unique moment in Detroit history found State government, Federal judge, bankruptcy judge, defunct city council, powerless mayor entangled with many power elite institutions. The irony is that traditional wealth is used in an unique manner that does not consder the human element as an investment.  The wealth, social status, new dimensions of land acquisitions make the traditional status of a strong commercial partnerships with the New Detroit agreeable.  What becomes of the segments of the city that are not connected to the new boundaries.  Read between the lines of violence is the conflicted brutality in street crime along with the one size fits all crimes for all citizens in the black community.

The darken state of affairs of street culture is determined by the individuals confused as to what is our choices in dealing with the darken affairs in the third city.  The domestic violence is pivotal to destroying families, undercutting the respect of our children, especially young girls, teens, and women. Poverty is reality, poor people are surviving.  Understand the implications of poverty upon children, youth and families.  Poverty does breed crime, chaos, and lends itself to total destruction of families.  Not being accountable to our children.  Exposing our families to the deadliness of the negatives of domestic violence plagues the underground socioeconomics.  We can and must cease the attitudes, thinking that suggests, allows women to be objectified, demonized and brutalized.  In the underground our children are brutally exposed to all sorts of danger.  It is the poverty that Gandhi aptly called the worst form of violence was poverty.  It is our acceptance, expectation and realization allowing blacks to maintain an attitude of being violent towards ourselves.  Read between the lines of our religious tenets, moral rules, our faith of being more in step with caring for each other.  Young folks need to understand the difference between media violence and reality brutality.  Media entertainment whether music, cinema or actors hiding behind these brutal images of using violence as a means to an end must stop.  This rationalization that is street life, hard people, street folks, gangsters, thug life, and tough streets has a place in our history.  Celebrating the hardness that has shown us killing babies, each other and even relatives gives way to our connecting to a better connection to humanity.  Wake up!  Keeping it real?  Hard?  No, stop allowing yourself to be used, murdered for zero reality.  Stop the violence is both internal and external reasons.  Nothing excuses the reality of killing yourself.  Genocide, homicide, fratricide, infanticide all spells negative outcomes.  The lies, propaganda, campaigns by politicians that suggest our community is accustomed to violence in its own culture.

Read between the lines on any news, media national or international that promotes folks as savages.  Donald Trump insults the Latino community.  Boycott this guy, do not support the propaganda.  The image that blacks will do anything for money is popular at this moment.  Youth must understand the significance, difference between fiction and non fiction.  Looking into the dark I can see clearly.  Hidden agenda, lies, corruption and disrespect our people by allowing our lives to be taken for less than our worth.  The underworld has always been connected to the images confirmed by popular shows with the darken state to justify all behavior good or bad as the way black folks do things.  New day, new game, new agenda, must take to the next level.  Uplifting, support each other show the world we are winners like Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions sung so well.