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Medieval Up in Here

August 19th, 2015

This title is borrowed from the movie Pulp Fiction.  After being raped by an unknown man Marcellus a gangster declared his revenge within the theme of  “It’s about to get medieval up in here”.  Medieval was a historical time that had kings, knights,ladies, royalty and peasants.  Medieval society had technology in the form of wheels, barrels, swords, armor and canons.  This period of time proved how society had the hrave’s and have not’s.  I selected this title to parallel with the mindset of the streets, technology and power elite in present day society.

This year of 2015 has been filled with brutality of both man and nature.  Earth quakes, floods, massive snow, heavy rainfalls, homicides, bombings, kidnappings and religious conflicts.  In the discourse of urban communities we have seen social injustice with numerous homicides of young black men and lately black women in unarmed collisions with police.  At times we see a society that does seek violence against police.  What is going on?  The challenges of these times are in the barrios, ghetto’s and exurban communities.  Medieval is the base of the racial, ethnic, social and economics.  There are peasants living in abandoned blocks, buildings, peasant children with no quality education within their lives.  Poverty is now normalized in many communities.  In this new century the transition of economics is anchored by the decline of industrialization to the information-technology.  Education and training is the root of the former non skilled labor pool.  No viable skills keeps a poor person in the peasant status.  The Third City is many places that maintains a mindset that feels a status of third class citizenship…that is an inferior place in the American society and global communities.

When the gangster in Pulp Fiction declares his intent to repay his tormentors with medieval treatment it is the reality of street culture.  It is also the extremely cruel media campaign of ISIS in the Middle East.  Violence connected to advanced technology allows the window to show the terrorizing images of brutality from within urban communities and any American place 24/7.  The wars, random violence, domestic violence is part of the medieval landscape.  While the mythology of Robin Hood is reinvented in the urban ruins that is lawless with gangsters at the lower caste system.  This image is not a mythological Robin Hood is replaced by a Robbing Hood who takes from whomever is available because that is what the social ecology allows.  The new set of values may not correlate with the American tradition that has given an image of President John F. Kennedy, Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and Robert Kennedy on the mantle place of the civil rights era.  No, hardly, this is the period of rappers who proclaim misogyny and allow their hero of Floyd Mayweather, Jr. to replace the hip hop heavyweight iconic champion of Mike Tyson.  Forgotten is the greatest boxer of the century the only Sugar, Sugar Ray Robinson.  Medieval is not about public service, naw, it is about private armies like the former Blackwater.  Public prisons are being sold on Wall Street that means that Street Life is not the run down poor excuse of every ghetto decision to name their streets after dead civil rights leaders or even teh iconic Malcolm X… The era of the greatest Muhammad Ali rejecting the special Negro category shares the limelight with the Negro who obediently served his nation in the U.S. Army to become a living mascot and victim of the double cross trickery that the Honorable Messenger of the Nation of Islam Elijah Muhammad warned us would come from the Devil.  Today, it is medieval because the peasants still do not count as they did not count in the French Revolution. Please don’t bring up those dreaded words like race, diversity or slavery.  Another blog, let us just look on those die hard citizens who now have placed the larger picture of President Barak Obama with his lovely family picture over their fireplace.  Medieval time is all about the Sheriff of Nottingham collecting taxes which today is the Emergency Managers that put black communities into an apartheid holding pattern in the 21st Century.  The power elite are wealthy land owners, righteousness of religious wolves in sheep clothing singing, dancing to the Gospel of Mammon bamboozled in the new minstrel shows of the 21st Century that allows private armies of the Kings, governors, Roman senate, and other political pirates to keep the peasants enslaved on the concrete reservation with costly water and welfare states of the third city.