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Alienation, Isolation and Reservations in Urban America

January 12th, 2016

As the New Year is here there is much to address in America about social justice.  Social justice, equality, injustice means exactly what?  Many people of color are concerned about the tirades of police attacks and the populist who champion white domination, supremacy.  The last years have seen daily experiences of racist violence from white citizens and more from police community.  The most disturbing aspect of this negativity there is a complete silence from political leaders.  The silence failed the black life matter movement, has failed the violence, hatred of immigrants from the middle east and Mexico.  The silence from Americans has given notice to those who are not in the white elite an alienation that is isolated from mainstream America.  The ghetto of Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, Ferguson, Cleveland, Atlanta and other urban centers a major disconnect.  Why?  Because of the job loss, increase barriers to have economic leverage, inferior schools, and poor health care systems.

The alienation for blacks, browns is obvious with each day in places like Detroit.  The poorest big city has fallen in one dimension and in the other it has raised itself to a new high.  Downtown, midtown are showing a comeback with an amazing success story.  The crime rate has dropped to 60% with police agencies along with private security making an alliance that includes citizens, business owners and residents in the area.  There is no alienation nor isolation of this community.  This is the way a community assembles its best effort to combat crime.  Police Chief Anthony D. Holt of Wayne State University Police Department credits his well trained, educated police department along with others in the alliance that works together.  Now, the trick is to pass this model on to everyday working class neighborhoods.  The segment of Detroit and other communities that does not have the multi generated entities that assembled themselves to combat crime with police guidance, support.  Much of downtown, midtown success is built on goodwill with a strong support system.  The system of good housing, social services, strong schools are the partners needed to move forward.  The ghettos by design are meant to keep folks separated, distant from others.  Isolation allows bad problems to fester, increasing the resentment of those trapped by physical and economic parameters. This concept of ghetto is not new, hardly.  The south side of Chicago has room for their coming and going in the bad lands.  The isolation is better fed by limited, duplicated commerce system that is not meant to embrace good economics for the people who live there.  The toleration for the transgressions ranging from petty theft to major narcotic commerce illicit.  The rise of weapons of those in gangs, independent gangsters is hardly challenged in a way that is beyond the old war like tactics of law enforcement.  There are no boots on the ground for anything except mortal combat.  These malfunctions in the urban blighted cities is becoming more resentful towards all authority.  Flint, Michigan is awaiting a death sentence with its poisoned water, high job loss from GM leaving town.  With no employment, little hope is on the horizon.  The gilded age of non-skilled labor working into the middle class is over.  Big heavy handed politics has all but eradicated labor unions.  So, more people are unemployed.  People in places like Saginaw, Pontiac, Flint and Detroit are decimated, crippled and eliminated from the mainstream society.   The strain of poverty is fresh in the atmosphere.  These are the descendants of the civil rights movement.    Ironically, civil rights is a past history proven to be the babysitter for ghetto filled communities living on concrete reservations.  The next Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.?  Our next Malcolm X, Whitney Young, Fannie Lou Hamer, Marian Wright Edelman?

The emergence of the new competition has taken form in robotics, technical manufacturing with little actual human beings in the workforce.  As the technology advances so does the death of those left behind.  The street crime element is facing high powered technology. that  Promising an almost sure bet with  outcomes directed by the omnipresent eye on every daily aspect of daily living in the new ghettos.  So, the New Year means what?  Less crime?  Less people?  More Big Brother? 1984?