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Short version: A Civil War is Alive in Michigan

February 21st, 2016

The citizens in Michigan are in the midst of a civil war.  Indeed, public education is near extinction.  The so-called educators have failed miserably over the past half century in Detroit to begin.  The cities of Flint, and Pontiac have near collapsed and despite the non sense of racially targeted agenda the reality shows that many school districts are in trouble.  The business agenda of the present governor has bragged of the surplus of funds, new advances while overall the people in Michigan are suffering great loss.  Public education is near dead, Detroit is the poster child upon first glance for neglected schools.  The powerful neoliberal tool of Emergency Manager has razed both fiscal and citizens democratic rights without any outcomes to justify their policies.  The short version says this governor and his policies based on business efficient tenets has left many in worse shape in many ways.  The conflict has turned the state of affairs into a civil war.  A media industry is torn in reporting the injustice shoved down marginalized, poor communities and evaporating once strong communities with the state favoring business, make that big business.  The public education is using tax payers money to forward unproven charter schools and rewarded secretive politically motivated entities to envade troubled communities under the guise of public policy.

It is a civil war of the have’s vs the have nots.  Prisons are privatizing contracts with questionable secretive companies like food contractors with shaky outcomes going unchecked by the administration.  Overall, the state is attaching fees on anything that moves to build its economic coffins.  Speeding tickets, late fees on the poor is now matter of fact.  The shameful water debacle in Flint has uncovered the state of business in Michigan.  Worse the hubris suggests that public policy is guided by an attitude of none of your business of how we do business.  Worse, a small elite group of well do citizens have imposed their political beliefs upon the state by means that are kept in the dark.  This darkness means that public policy is being lead in a manner that is hardly public nor open to the public review.  This civil war is being led not only in Michigan but other states under the guise of State rights.  The tactics are hardly democratic with a small group of individuals bypassing the citizens with their secretive behind the scene methods.  The forces opposing unions, public education, healthcare, pensions, public water are masquerading themselves by secretive means.  Michigan sells a brand of fairness, progression and all is well.  Look closer, ask the State about corrections remaining the number one fiscal cost in the state? Union destruction is a reality of the political right.   Reduction of public workers and the overall job loss over the past decades.  The political forces are bankrupt with no party finding meaningful solutions to the post industrial atmosphere for a state that had strong history of labor, education with good housing.  Now, the State of Michigan has poor roads, declining public schools and questionable population loss.  Civil War of economic loss, and denial of a failing infrastructure of horrific roads, and failing bridges.  Folks living below the poverty level with Detroit being the poorest big city in the union.  Business climate?  Human climate?