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Political Forces Ignore Realities of the Third City

March 13th, 2016

The politics of both parties Democratic and Republican ignore the third city.  The mindset of the third city have known this fact forever.  Flint, Michigan is wrestling with lead poisoning with its water source.  The State of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder once considered successful business type leader has found his overall image tarnished by the neglect of the Flint third city section.  The Third City is much more than abandoned properties it has many folks living in what was once thriving neighborhoods.  Over the past half century powered by an economic, social collapsed that is still untouchable Detroit.

The New Detroit is up and running.  It looks promising with a new mayor and downtown, midtown growing.  The public safety in this area has an unbelievable drop in crime that is simply phenomenal.  Wayne State University Chief of Police Chief Anthony D. Holt has spearheaded a partnership of private security, WSU Police, Detroit Police, other law enforcement agencies to bring about a 51% drop in crime.  If only the old Detroit neighborhoods could connect to the prosperous future.  Like Flint issues of poisonous water there are long neglected infrastructural issues, poor schools and mainly no jobs.  The toll on Flint like Postindustrial Detroit has its lifeline connected to serious employment that has been abolished.  The auto industry provided good pay, strong benefits, and supported community activities.  The politicians have lost touch with many communities.  There are many homeless families, youth and even more staying in abandoned buildings.  The transformation of advanced technology has taken the place of workers with no skills.  Non-skilled labor will never see the likes of the old labor tradition of the autoworker.  The public education demise along with emerging technology has ushered in a new era for unprepared workers.  In return the streets have become more brutal, desperate and the only taker for hustling.  Urban cities have a different value to politicians in the rust belt as technology and information replaces the industrial era.  Will Flint be better in a year?  Will politicians pledge their support for infrastructure, school improvement,  The Third City in Flint survives and it is a continuum.  Living in the New Flint downtown is similar to downtown Detroit.  Like the model in Manhattan in New York City is the best of all.  A police presence with high technical information 24/7 to monitor any challenges from preventing another terrorist attack.  The point is to fight crime and potential terrorism with this new technological advancement plus plenty of well trained police.  Flint and Detroit are in the middle of reconstructing their public safety and citizenship.  The truth is the marginalized communities with ancient housing not maintained for decades.  The retirees who labored in the auto plants and related commerce attached to the humanity kept secret from the world.  All life is controlled by capitalism which is redefined within the neoliberalism paradigm.  The political notion of greed, scorch the earth is not respecting the humanity of those neighborhoods in urban communities.

No decent livings escape the communities of the Third City.  Without grocery stores, the living organs of a livable neighborhood it will continue to have life reduced to squatting, no running water,  no public schools, no city services, public health, public policing, fire stations,  Where does society plan on doing with this population which makes up the Third City?  Those who are returning from prisons?  Politicians are unaware, unable to understand the great demand for change?  It is the politics of humanity not democratic or republican.  Violence, brutality nor police states will rule the new day..